We enable X-Ray Science.

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We provide adaptive, minimally invasive and flexible  solutions for tailoring properties of synchrotron radiation to the specific needs of the experiment.


WaveGate enables tailoring of the temporal synchrotron pulse structure on a broad timescale ranging from few hundred nanoseconds to seconds.


The PicoSwitch is a photo-acoustic Bragg switch capable of shortening the x-ray pulse duration to 5-10 ps. The device works best at higher repetition rates due to the limited diffraction efficiency. However, measurement of coherent lattice dynamics in thin film hetero-structures was demonstrated already at a repetition rate of 1 kHz.

Inside TXProducts

Peter Gaal

CEO - R&D - Sales

Peter has a PhD in experimental physics with a strong background in structural dynamics and solid-state physics. As researcher, university lecturer and entrepreneur he is pushing the development of active x-ray optics.

Together we strive for excellence in science.

We measure our products against the high standards of beamline components.

Daniel Schmidt

CEO - Tech - Finance

Daniel holds a master’s degree in nanoscience and specialized in time resolved synchrotron and laser applications. Together with Peter he is founder of TXP and pushes active x-ray optics from prototyping to market readiness.

Current Development Projects


The NanoGate pulse picker employs laser-generated thermal transient gratings to isolate single x-ray pulses from a continuous incident pulse train. We aim to develop this method for a broad energy range (50 eV – 20 keV) and for large energy bandwidth (e.g. undulator pink beams).

Customized solutions for advanced synchrotron experiments.

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